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By: Wee-Yiong Fung, Operations Manager

Panama is known as "The bridge of America" bacause of its strategic location between North and South. Panama means "abundance of fish and butterflies", this meaning came from the native indians. The "flora and fauna" in Panama is so diverse that more than 900 birds species can be found in the Istmus.

The biggest attraction in Panama is diversity. In less than 5 days you can see everything, from beaches, mountains, historically ruins to its cosmopolitan city. There are 5 destinations that must be on your list while you are in Panama, these places are the Panama Canal, Casco Antiguo, the jungle that surrounds the canal, Chiriqui and Boquete.

Visiting the Panama Canal can be the most important attraction on your list, but there are many ways of enjoying the Canal. The Panama Canal offers two museums, one is located at the Casco Antiguo where you can learn about the culture and the history of Panama, the other one is located at the Miraflores Locks where you can learn all about the Canal's technical operations. You can also enjoy watching the ships passing through the Canal.

The "Casco Antiguo" is one of the most important turict attractions in Panama City. Its old buildings reflects the panamenian culture combine with the Spanish and Caribian influences. The "Casco Antiguo" is getting alive once again because many Boutique Hotels, Bars and Restaurants are opening their doors. You can also find many turist attractions such as the Panama Jazz Festival, Music Festival, Sobresaltos Dace Festival.

The Soberanía, Chagres and Metropolitan Parks are located at 15 minutes from Panama City. In these parks you can do different activities such as walking trail among primary and secundary trees, birdwatching, and fishing at the Gatun Lake. For those who are more interested on tropical research, the Smithsonian Tropical Research institute offers a tour to the island most studied in the world.

Panama has become one of the most attractive countries in the world for its tourism, safety and low cost of living. In less than a week visitors can enjoy both oceans, the mountains, primary trees, learn from native indians culture and enjoy a cosmopolitan life style.

Panama City offers endless activities such as shopping, history, art, and much more. Therefore, Prestige Panama Realty can help you organize your trip where you can enjoy best of the best. Call us at 775-2053 or 6981-5000.

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